Logology is a simple app with a simple purpose, that of giving meaning to your words.

  • Search for words
  • Mark words as favorite
  • Add notes to words

Logology was built as a demonstration app for the book, Mastering PhoneGap Mobile Application Development written by Kerri Shotts and published by Packt Publishing. Even so, the app is a fully functional dictionary, and new features are planned for the future.

Use the links to the right to download the app from the Apple and Google app stores. The app itself is free!


Inline Demo


Logology stores your favorite words and notes locally on your device. It does not share this content with any other app or with any other entity.

Logology does allow the display of external content — namely, links to Wikipedia and WordNet, and links to the various software packages used to create the app. This privacy policy does not subvert or override the privacy policies of external sites. Note that Logology is not in any way affiliated with these external sites.