As users of the Greek Interlinear Bible app, your privacy is incredibly important to us.

Information Collected

We utilize a service called TestFlight. This service allows us to see anonymous usage information within the last 90 days and, more importantly, it uploads crash logs should the app itself crash. Crash logs help us tremendously when it comes to fixing any bugs that may be in the app. All of this information is anonymous, and can’t be used to identify any end user.

We also utilize a service called HelpShift. This service allows us to provide better support through a comprehensive knowledgebase as well as in-app issue reporting. The only information collected are crash reports and any information you submit to us in an issue. None of this information is shared with anyone else.

We also use a service called Parse. This service provides the ability to download new Bible content. In the future, we hope to provide the ability to synchronize your content as well, should you choose to do so. However, the only thing we do at the moment is track how many times a Bible edition is downloaded — but not who downloads what when.

What We Don’t Collect

We don’t collect your name or any other identifying information. This means that we don’t know your phone number, your username, or any of your passwords.

We’ll Never Sell It

We will never sell any of the information that we have collected to any one else. The information we do have (which is anonymous or information you submitted to us directly in an issue report) would be of little value, but even if it did have value, we don’t think anyone should sell other people’s information, ever, and we’ll never do it ourselves. Ever.

Disabling Anonymous Reporting

We totally understand that you may not be comfortable sharing even anonymous reporting data, even though it helps us make a better app for you. Alternatively, you may be using the app in an area where it might be dangerous to send this information, as it might endanger your life. Therefore, as of version 1.1, you can disable this reporting information from the “Settings” page. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on “Anonymous Usage Statistics?” so that the text on the right reads “No”.